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Looking for Malaysia Security Alarm System for Residential or Commercial Building ?

Malaysia Wireless burglar alarm system and home security system is the best alarm system in Malaysia to protect your home from the intrusion of burglars and thieves.Our Top Brand Wireless alarm systems provide a more streamlined installation and can be used in places where wired alarm systems can’t. In KL Kuala Lumpur We re the only service provider which one can design a burglary system customized for your specific needs. Regardless of how your budget, we can create a alarm system that is easy to expand and upgrade. Extensive knowledge coverage on the following:

  • Advanced installation and operating technologies
  • Customized interior and perimeter protection
  • Reliable cabling and wireless products
  • Remote service capabilities
  • Identification of exact point of alarm
  • Easy for expansion and upgrade

BLUGUARD ALARM SYSTEM ( Malaysia Top Brand )


8 Zones Intruder Alarm without Cover

Brand: Bluguard Security
Model No: Defender 8Z
Availability: In Stock


8 Zones Intruder Alarm with Cover

Brand: Bluguard Security
Model No: Defender 8Z C
Availability: In Stock


20 Zones Defender Smart Alarm System

Brand: Bluguard Security
Model No: Defender 8 20Z
Availability: In Stock

GENERAL ALARM SYSTEM ( Malaysia Top Brand )